I placed my order on X date, when will I get them? 

Typical turn around time varies from 3-6 business days depending on how many orders were placed ahead of you. Due to the virus and shortage of supplies, it may be an extra day or two. We try to work as fast as possible without sacrificing quality but please remember we’re a very small family. If you want them for an event/date - order ahead to give enough time! Shopify will send you an email with tracking info once the label has been printed, and the tracking will update when it's received at the post office to give you an estimated delivery date, typically 2-3 days.

I live locally - do I have to pay for shipping?

Absolutely not! For in person pick ups - place an order online as normal and leave a note that you want to come pick it up. We'll email you once it's ready for pick up and refund shipping at that time! If you forgot to leave it in the notes section - email us the order number and we'll get it added manually. The online menu is almost entirely different than what we have in shop so if you see something online you know you want - or stop by the shop to get some fun even crazier treats! :)

How should I store these? What is the shelf life? I can't possibly eat these all within the week!

Shelf life is one week at room temp, 3 weeks in the fridge, and 3 months in the freezer! Though I always recommend freezing them - it'll keep the taste and texture the freshest. In the bag it comes in or a ziploc is just fine, To thaw, leave at room temp for a few hours or pop it in the oven, microwave, or air fryer! Time and temp depends on your individual unit and the temp of the cookie so start low and keep an eye until it's how you like it. If you're feeling adventurous, try them cold!

Do you offer gluten free/vegan/healthy cookies?

Not currently/nope/never

How much do the cookies weigh?

G.O.A.T cookies weigh between 4-6oz. Our weekly drop flavors typically range between 5-7oz. Every cookie is rolled by hand and has different mix ins so it's difficult to give an exact but weight but they'll definitely keep you and your family full and happy1

What if something happens in shipment? How do I get a refund?

Once the order has shipped, we have no control over USPS or what happens to the package. we are not held accountable for products melting or drying out due to heat/shipping delays or for how USPS handles the packages. If your package is damaged, opened, or lost please contact your local post office and file a claim with the insured package. The package is insured and the buyer files the claim, not us. We are a very small business and due to financial reasons we cannot take responsibility for what happens in transit once it's out of our hands. We are not responsible for reshipping or refunding if the package gets sent back due to an incorrect address. If that happens, you would need to contact and file a claim directly with USPS, as well if the package is delayed longer than priority shipping. We cannot file it or do anything from our end. 

We do not ship with dry ice. As the temperature gets warmer, there's nothing to prevent the toppings from softening. The cookies are temperature stable, they may melt if left in a hot truck in which case you can throw them in the fridge for an hour to bring them back to texture. We cannot control the temperature in which USPS ships - please keep an eye on your tracking number to ensure its not left on a door step for hours. We will not refund or reship due to transit problems.

If this is an issue to you, please consider ordering somewhere else. We would love for everyone to try our cookies, but don't want unhappy customers. Thank you!

****We do not accept returns, refunds, or cancellations. Once the order has been processed in the system it can not be undone. Please be sure of your order before clicking check out! Once you place an order you cannot switch out the products, clicking submit finalizes the order. 

What makes your cookie dough edible and safe to eat?

We use heat treated flour and no eggs in our cookie dough so it's perfectly safe to eat without risk!

How should I store the dough?

Our cookie dough should be refrigerated upon arrival. If you don't intend on eating within a month, we recommend freezing the dough. It can be stored in the freezer for 3 months, though freezing can cause the container to cracker. 

Can I bake the cookie dough?

Nope! Our cookie dough is missing key ingredients needed to bake it, which is what makes it edible. This is only for eating, but don't forget we do sell cookies as well!