What makes your cookie dough edible and safe to eat?

We use heat treated flour and no eggs in our cookie dough so it's perfectly safe to eat without risk!

How should I store the dough?

Our cookie dough should be refrigerated upon arrival. If you don't intend on eating within a month, we recommend freezing the dough. How long it can be frozen for depends on your individual freezer, however we've tested it for up to 2 months just fine.

Can I bake the cookie dough?

Nope! Our cookie dough is missing key ingredients needed to bake it, which is what makes it edible. This is only for eating, but don't forget we do sell cookies as well!

How many containers come in each order?

Each container contains 2 8oz containers except for the layers which is 1 16oz container and the “surprise me” which is 4 different 8oz cups 

Can I customize an edible cookie dough?

At the moment we don’t allow custom edible cookie dough, but create your own custom cookies at pdxcookieco.com !

Do you offer gluten free/vegan/healthy cookie dough?

Not currently/nope/never


What is turn around time?

Typical turn around time can vary anywhere from 4-10 business days depending on how many orders there ahead. I try to work as fast as possible without sacrificing quality but please remember I'm one person so if you want them at a specific time order ahead to give enough time!

Once the order has shipped, I have no control over USPS and the package. I also cannot be held accountable for products melting due to being left on the front porch. Tracking is sent from my end to ensure you know when your product is coming!